With the modernization of China, the thirst for the Truth is ever-growing, pastors must continue to equip themselves in order to quench that thirst


Most church movements began in the rural Chinese countryside in the early 1980s. For many years, the majority of those attending were poor farmers whom the government actively persecuted and labeled as convicts. The constant security risk and lack of financial resources were major limiting factors for the movements during those days, and it was difficult for leaders to organize meetings even within their own groups, much less with the leaders of the other movements.

This lack of communication within and between church movements has led to miscommunication and misunderstanding, as well as narrow perspectives and singular worldviews. Those same security risks and financial limitations have also limited these believers in their access to spiritual resources such as biblical commentaries, exhortations, and other literature that is widely available to those outside China.

For years the movement leaders have been aware of these issues and have been requesting assistance from foreign believers. The gradually opening political situation has made life a little easier for Chinese Christians and many of the church movements now have more financial flexibility since they’ve started moving into cities. But despite these advances, they are still relatively inexperienced with and unconnected to both each other and the outside world.

In response, B&P has been organizing seminars which are open to participants from all the church movements. At these events they can strengthen their ties with one another and work toward the goal of being one body serving God in China. In sponsoring these events, B&P collaborates with a number of western ministries to give the Chinese access to previously unavailable biblical perspectives and materials that can help strengthen them in the Lord.

It is our goal at these seminars to bring in knowledgeable teachers who can speak from experience to offer solutions, insight, and
spiritual encouragement to our Chinese brothers and sisters. The topics of these seminars have covered a variety of Church issues; including sports ministry, general leadership training, organic farming in ministry, apologetics, theological training, cross-cultural ministry, marriage counselling, missions, and more. These seminars also provide wonderful opportunities for the Chinese leaders to get a break from their busy ministry lives while they worship, network, pray, and learn with like-hearted believers who have similar callings and have faced similar struggles.