…with so many Christians now in China, the demand for the life-giving Word of God is tremendous.

Bible Printing

Like all followers of Christ, Chinese believers rely on the Scriptures to further their faith. But with so many Christians now in China, the demand for the life-giving Word of God is tremendous. While it is possible to buy Bibles, they can be very difficult for house church believers to obtain. This is because the number of government-approved Bible vendors is severely lacking, and the vendors that do exist are usually only found in cities. That makes them inaccessible for rural villagers due to the long distance and cost of travel. Also, only registered Three-Self Church members may purchase Bibles from these bookstores. An unregistered believer would run into trouble without the proper papers.

While these struggles can be discouraging, Barnabas & Partners is well situated to help answer this need. Many other groups help by smuggling Bibles into China, however we feel the most efficient and cost-effective way we can contribute is to print Bibles domestically through underground printing presses. Underground printers typically take one of two forms: they are either owned and operated by faithful Christians who are willing to take on the danger, or they are run by non-believers who overlook the risks in order to earn some extra cash.

In 1969, I became a Christian. This happened 3 years into the Cultural Revolution. I remember coming across the story of Noah. His story touched me and that lead me to start seeking Jesus. I wanted to be born again and baptized, so I asked God what I needed to do. I saw that I was a sinful person, and that Jesus died on the cross for me. Every time I prayed I cried because I could feel the love from God. In those days there were almost no Bibles, but amazingly a few of us were able to find an old one. We set to work and copied it many times by hand. From those Scriptures, I learned about the love Jesus has for us and I was deeply moved. Whenever I read the Bible, His words spoke directly to me. I began ministry in 1971 and started sharing the Gospel. In 1983, I was imprisoned for 5 years. While in prison, I had some major health problems, but God healed me. By human knowledge and understanding, I should have died from those health problems, but by grace God saved my life. After I was released, I returned to my ministry and have continued serving to this day.
– an elderly pastor