Church Planters

Establishing new churches village by village, city by city.

The unprecedented growth seen among Chinese churches has been largely due to the perseverance and faith of humble church planters. Following God’s guidance, they leave their hometowns and go to far away cities, towns, and rural areas to connect with the local people and share the Gospel.

Eventually they form groups of new believers, who then become churches. These church planters are on the road for years on end, and usually have no home congregations to support their work. They also typically receive very little from their own church movements, who rarely have anything to spare.

How village church is planted

Rural Church Planters

Church planters are sent to rural areas to start new churches. Traditionally, they are sent in pairs from the same gender.

Rural Area

Church planters travel to villages by bus or train, and go door to door to spread the Gospel.

Rural Host Family

When a rural village family accepts the Gospel, they will invite the church planters to stay with them. With a roof over their heads, and their stomachs full, they can continue on to bring more people to Christ.

Rural church

The host family will invite their family, friends, and neighbours to the church gatherings, many will come to Christ. And a village church is born!

How a city church is planted

Urban Church Planters

Church planters travel cities by bus or train.

Urban Area

Church planters travel cities by bus or train.

Urban Host Family

During the beginning of their ministry, the church planters will find a local Christian friends and stay with them. But due to the smaller living spaces in cities, church planters often times have to rent an apartment of their own and use it as their home and gathering place.

Urban Church

Churches are started in small, cramped apartments in the cities. Once there are enough believers and tithes given to the church, the church will rent a meeting space, often in office buildings.